miniSpartan6+ LX9

miniSpartan6+ with Spartan 6 LX 9


The tiny, mighty FPGA kit.


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Product Description


  • The Spartan6 LX9 FPGA from Xilinx, one of the best FPGAs on the market, with FBGA256.
  • 64 Digital I/O pins..
  • An on-board USB JTAG Programmer to power and program your FPGA with any open source programmer, like the one inside our own Scarab IDE.
  • An on board USB interface that powers the board and allows communication with the PC at speeds up to 480Mbps.
  • Two on-board HDMI ports — instead of using VGA output on your projects, now you can go HDMI.  One port is configured to act as an input, and the other as output.
  • An 8-channel analog to digital converter running at 1 MSPS with 12 bit resolution. So you can start connecting real world sensors to your FPGA kit.
  • Memory: 32MB of SDRAM, 64Mbit of SPI Flash and a microSD card interface.
  • A stereo audio output jack using 1-bit sigma-delta DAC to start playing your music.
  • 8 LEDs.
  • 4 DIP switches.