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    I also put this question under the IDE Software topic, but seeing as how IDE is dead, I’m starting a new thread here on the hardware side. New user here. I’m not new to FPGAs, RTL, etc. I am new to home user simple project boards – and have my first one in the form of a miniSpartan6+. I have ISE installed, a full design implemented (coded, synthesized, placed, fitted, routed, passing all timing checks, image built, hardware constructed with my I/O, USB connected to my Windows7, powered up with LEDs on), but now I need to download the bit file to the Flash……. now I’m stuck. I see old references to IDE, but that’s apparently a dead end. I see downloads of xc3sprog for Linux, but I’m not going to build a Linux box just to play with this FPGA kit. There are some old references to a Windows version of xc3sprog, but those links are now dead and Google can’t find any recent links thereto. So, my basic question is how do I download the bit file into the miniSpartan6+ board using a Windows 7 box? I’m not a software jock, so I don’t follow a lot of the discussions around on all different builds, dlls, etc. Looking for a straight forward .exe that recognizes my USB connection to the board. Help, please!


    Ahmad Abbas


    You can find information here about using xc3sprog on Windows to detect and program the board:

    The new exe file for xc3sprog can be downloaded from the following link:

    There is also a GUI app that uses xc3sprog to program Spartan 6 kits:

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    Thanks! I’ll give it a try!



    It works! But now, part II: how do I get the FPGA to write the bit file into the Flash such that I don’t
    need to pump the image through xc3sprog each time? I’d like the miniSpartan6+ to now run standalone – just
    power up, pump and start running my project. Thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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