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    I ordered a board 2 days back and I have not received any tracking information.

    Does anyone know if they have more boards in stock? Are they shipping the boards if they are ordered now?

    Any information is appreciated.

    Thank you!



    I ordered my board Jan 24, it shipped on Feb 8, and I received it on Feb 24! So I’d say don’t have high hopes for fast delivery.



    Thanks for the reply. I ordered mine on the 25th and I got an email today saying that they’ll be shipping it by Monday. Fingers crossed!

    How do you like the board so far?



    So far I’ve only had success with simple stuff, like LEDs. The HDMI I haven’t been able to get working, but I’m not sure if it’s my monitor that can’t sync to the signal or it’s the board. Overall the board quality seems solid though, even though the packaging looked like it was shipped from aliexpress!



    I’m looking forward to work on some HDMI stuff. I wish they had a better order delivery system.

    Business side and customer service (or lack thereof) is a common issue for engineers/technocrats. I believe that the business side should be managed by others. For example, another kickstarter FPGA board (Mojo FPGA) is available from a more reliable/reputed vendor (

    ScarabHardware should consider something like that. They can focus on technical support to the awesome geeks who funded this project with their money/trust. I would still give the Scarab Team the benefit of doubt (being an engineer myself) :)




    Update for those who are waiting for their miniSpartan6+ to be delivered:

    I ordered on February 25th and it was shipped on March 2nd. It will be delivered on March 5th (according to online tracking)

    Thanks asi_ka for your responses!

    I am planning on playing with HDMI processing using the Spartan25 (LX 25 version). I will update once I receive the hardware.



    hello iam from india is their anybody who baught this mini spartan 6+ from india
    iam unable to make payment using my debit card . please help me on this . as it is backorder how many days will it take to be availabe.



    Ordered the Spartan 6 LX25 board on 06/16/2015, haven’t got the board or email yet. My order# is #1323, is there anybody got the board recently? I am kind of lost.




    Hello, I ordered minispartan 6+2 weeks ago but I did not get any reply as it shipped or not.

    When will they ship? Is Admin here for replying?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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