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    Hello from Germany



    Grüße aus Kalifornien!

    In the schematic I see two HDMI ports J2 and J3, one with I2C connected and one without, I’m not a HDMI expert so I wonder what limitations that may create. J3 SCL/SDA connect to an un-labelled block which I presume is a 3V/5V level translator between FPGA 3V3 pins and HDMI 5V pins.

    Thinking ahead to the software, I have done a little VHDL for a CPLD but nothing with FPGAs before so I hope there will be some good examples to get started with in the miniSpartan IDE.



    Grüße nach Kalifornien!

    In my opinion, the following usage possibilities:

    J2: Only HDMI Out (No pullups / no DDC EEPROM)

    J3: By default HDMI In (pullups / DDC (Display Data Channel) via Eprom emulation)
    With Removed R4/R5 HDMI Out (pullups disabled / HDMI5V disabled / i2c disabled)



    Hello back – from Adelaide, Australia.
    Where German immigrants helped set up villages like Hahndorf – and also helped cultivate vineyards in the Barossa Valley.



    Hello from Oceanside, CA! Eager to get my MiniSprtan and to start playing. Here are a few questions for the forum:
    – Are any of the Developers participating in the forum? If so, who are you and what is your involvement?
    – Has anyone received their MiniSpartan yet?
    – Are there any postings of hardware schematics,etc. yet? If so, where are they? If not, what is the schedule for these? The earlier postings make me thing there must be some schematics somewhere, right?
    – When will the software/development environment be available?

    If my questions make one think I’m eager to get going with the MiniSpartan, you’re right. Can’t wait!



    Here are the only schematics I now :


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    -I (Umar Farooq) am handling the forum for now, with input from another embedded engineer. In the future, other folks might jump on, if they can answer questions better.

    -No one has received the miniSpartan6+ yet, but this week, some folks who asked specifically for the older design will begin receiving their boards.

    Because we are prototyping a new design, and having to procure some components that have lead times of up to 8 weeks from the manufacturer, we have had to delay some things by a few weeks, as we predicted during the campaign at one point.

    But I think we will be largely on schedule, getting things from our assemblers back in September.

    -We are putting our latest schematic and layout on our Github repository, and updating as we go along: https://github.com/scarabhardware/miniSpartan6-plus

    -The hardware design and setting up the manufacturing process is taking up a lot of our time. And because we don’t have experience putting in purchase orders and setting up our company, this is taking a while. I myself am working on the IDE, and I plan to make it available as we start shipping the boards.




    Olaf and Umar – Thanks for the prompt and helpful responses! Umar, all your comments about the status of the design make perfect sense. The design team has made a real stretch to do a re-design on a tight schedule and is doing a great job of delivering. As long as the status is being communicated and there is steady progress, I for one am very willing to give you the time you need to deliver.

    Again, thank you both. This forum is off to a good start!



    Umar>”…this week, some folks who asked specifically for the older design will begin receiving their boards.”
    “…I myself am working on the IDE, and I plan to make it available as we start shipping the boards.”

    Taking those two statements together, does that mean the IDE will be coming out very soon? Looking forward to it, thanks!

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