Designing a CPU in VHDL on the miniSpartan6+ by Domipheus

Domipheus has put together a detailed guide to a 16-bit CPU written in VHDL to run on the miniSpartan6+.


miniSpartan6+ DVID logo overlay on video feed by HamsterWorks

Want to use the miniSpartan+ to do some image and video processing?  To get stated, check out Mike Field’s guide on Hamsterworks for a simple project to display a logo on top of a 720p/60Hz DVI-D video stream.


DIY HDMI ambient lighting using the miniSpartan6+ by Dr X

Dr X, over at the Zero Characters Left blog, has built an LED ambient lighting system.


Using the OV7670 Camera Module with miniSpartan6+ by The Hardwarer

The Hardwarer was able to interface the Ov7760 camera to miniSPartan6+ and display the video on an HDMI screen